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UV Installations

The use of Ultraviolet Energy (UV) within an HVAC system is growing very rapidly. Typically UV lamps are installed for one of two reasons. In one application, high levels of UV energy are installed in the ducting to disinfect microbes in the air stream. In this application the UV energy may often be applied near the filters as both the UV energy and filtration are used to reduce pathogens in the air.

In another very popular application, UV energy is applied to the air conditioning coil and drain pan to prohibit microbial growth (bacteria and mold) from fouling the coil and drain pan. In fact, the GSA requires new building construction, under the GSA, to have UV applied in this manner. This application has become very popular as it can reduce maintenance, improve indoor environmental quality, and save energy by keeping air conditioning coils clean and thereby maintaining system efficiency (heat transfer efficiency and pressure drop).

AFP has the expertise to install UV systems in large commercial air handling units, small rooftop package units as well as hospital operating room units.