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UV-C Fixtures &
Replacement Lamps

UVResources manufactures a full line of UV-C products for the HVACR industry
Temtrol UV-C Fixtures and Replacement Lamps

Throughout the last 100 years, scientific work and real life experiences have brought forth an enormous array of UV applications. Many have been related to both air and water and they are too numerous to mention here. Since the 1800s UV has helped to disinfect and heal wounds, aseptically package military K-Rations, and has kept medical and dental instruments sterile. Today it rids waste, drinking and process water of harmful microbes that affect human health and the viability of packaged and non-packaged liquids of most every kind! UV is used in pharmaceutical applications, the military, our CDC, and NASA, and has a large presence in our Homeland Security. It can bring sanitation and cleanliness to the most contaminated of things.

It's been used very successfully in HVACR equipment now for over a decade. Successful examples can be found all around the world where its use is growing exponentially. Whether it's improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), killing surface mold and bacteria, or returning heat transfer and equipment efficiency (saving energy); UV is green, clean and efficient, and it's fast becoming HVACR equipment necessity.

In all it's applications it's as natural as the sun - which all things depend on every day.