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Medium Efficiency

We offer the leading line of medium efficiency air filters. Pleated panel filters were developed by Camfil Farr with the introduction of the Farr 30/30, the first air filter product of its kind. The line has expanded over the years and most recently was augmented by the introduction of the Camfil Farr AP-Thirteen.
Farr 30/30 Medium Efficiency Air Filter Farr 30/30 ®

For warranted longer-lasting filters, the smart money is on Camfil Farr 30/30® filters. The Camfil Farr 30/30 has an Energy Cost Index (ECI) of five stars, the highest performance rating available.

Our exclusive media is bonded to a welded wire grid and then formed into a radial pleat, allowing full use of the media. This configuration allows the 30/30 filter to hold more dirt and last longer. The 30/30 frame is made of water-resistant beverage board instead of recycled cardboard, so the 30/30 will stand up to the worst conditions an HVAC system will present. No filter distortion or blowouts.

Aeropleat 3 Medium Efficiency Air Filter Aeropleat III ®

Available in standard and high capacity models, it may be the model of choice where air filters are changed on a PM (time) schedule. Consult your local Camfil Farr distributor for guidance in this area. The Camfil Farr Aeropleat is designed for applications requiring competitive efficiency and dust holding capacity.

As a stand-alone filter, the Camfil Farr Aeropleat addresses today's indoor air quality concerns. Applications include commercial buildings, educational facilities, medical facilities, industrial manufacturing, and any other locations where a competitive quality filter is required. As a prefilter, the Camfil Farr Aeropleat offers protection and extended life for higher efficiency final filters.

Aeropleat 4 Medium Efficiency Air Filter Aeropleat IV ®

The Camfil Farr Aeropleat IV® extended surface pleated filter offers medium grade ASHRAE efficiency for high capacity dirt loading applications. Incorporating a mechanical particle capture principle, the Aeropleat IV is a MERV 6 filter when evaluated per ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999.

As a stand alone filter, the Aeropleat IV will remove many of the contaminants associated with today's indoor air quality concerns. Available in 1", 2" and 4" depths, its increased media area offers an extended service life when compared to standard capacity pleated filters.

Aeropleat 13 Medium Efficiency Air Filter Aeropleat® Thirteen
ASHRAE Standard 52.2-1999.

As a stand alone filter the Aeropleat Thirteen will remove many of the contaminants associated with today's indoor air quality concerns. Available in 1", 2" and 4" deep depths it will serve a myriad of single stage filter applications. As a pre-filter the Aeropleat Thirteen offers superior protection for higher efficiency final filters required for today's high technology applications.

Type F/S Medium Efficiency Air Filter Type F/S

Camfil Farr Type F/S air filters are cleanable, low pressure drop, low or high velocity permanent panel filters for applications with high lint or large particle concentrations.

Camfil Farr Type F/S Panel filters are constructed of an electro-galvanized steel media mesh, assembled into alternating layers of corrugated and flat layers and enclosed in a 20-gauge galvanized steel frame.

Aeropac Medium Efficiency Air Filter Aeropac ®

The Aeropac is available in a 12"or 6"depth in a variety of sizes. The standard Aeropac is rated to 200° F. Please contact the factory for additional options to 725° F. An additional model, the Turbopac, is available in ASHRAE efficiencies of 60% and 90% for gas turbine and high pressure applications.

Type 44 Medium Efficiency Air Filter Type 44

Camfil Farr Type 44 are high-velocity air filters for the elimination of oil and water mists. They are cleanable, low pressure drop, permanent panels for industrial and commercial applications.

When installed vertically, the filter shall be 98% efficient on 20-micron size contaminant when operating at a velocity of 500 fpm face velocity. Initial resistance to airflow shall not exceed 0.12".

Camfil Farr Eco Moisture Separator Medium Efficiency Air Filter Eco® Moisture Separator

The Camfil Farr ECO® Moisture Separator is highly effective in removing droplets, water mist and fog from outside or recirculated air. With an efficiency approaching 90% on 5-micron size droplets (98% on 20-micron size droplets) the ECO offers excellent protection of HVAC components including downstream filter banks.

In addition, the ECO may be used downstream of DX or chilled water coils, and steam or mist-type humidifiers to allow saturated air to condense out of the airstream.

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