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Meet Our Sales Team

Andrea Mock, Owner, Advanced Filtration Products
Andrea Mock, Owner

BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Texas

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Advanced Filtration Products began with a simple vision: To make the air we breathe, cleaner.

We understood that by using a new, highly efficient air filter, that would mean less pollutants in the air and improved air quality. A better filter meant significantly fewer filter changes over time, reducing filtration costs. A more efficient filter meant greater energy savings.

We understood it's crucial to not just sell great filters but to sell our expertise as well. We pride ourselves on our customer service and educating our clients on the differences in the effectiveness of products. Whether your business is a school, hospital, food distributor, high-tech company or just a business concerned about indoor air quality, we use our experience to implement air filtration systems that do the job well and hard work to ensure these systems continually perform at maximum capacity.

We're not just a filter company. We're a solutions company.

And one of our challenges was finding a way to dramatically reduce the number of used filters that were going to our city's landfills. We created the Waste-to-Energy program which picks up used and dirty filters from our customers. The filters are then processed at a facility which burns the material converting it to energy, which is then generated into electricity. Our customers beam with pride in doing their part to create a clean, renewable source of energy that produces elecricity with less environmental impact than almost any other source of electricity.

So, we hope we've helped you understand a little about us and our passion for clean air. And if you're here, we imagine you might share that passion.

Give us a call or shoot us an email and let's figure out how we can help you.

Thank you. Andrea Mock

  • Buyboard vendor
  • LEED and NAFA certified account executives
  • Member of ASHRAE, NAFA, BOMA, US Green Building Council
  • OSHA 10 certified service technicians
  • 22,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse
  • Company owned delivery fleet